Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Fondue

Since we will be spending Christmas in America, we gathered early for the family fondue, which is a Christmas tradition. Even though it's a broth fondue as opposed to one with oil, the food is seriously filling. My mother in law usually makes about 13 different kinds of meats in addition to many sauces and vegetables. Stefan usually eats as if I never feed him and we all enjoy many glasses of wine and interesting conversations. Of course the conversation gets more interesting as the night goes on.

I still will never understand why guests bringing a dish or helping out hasn't caught on here. I am looking forward to that potluck approach for our American christmas. This will be the first real American christmas for Stefan and he doesn't really know what to expect. Surprisingly this is also going to be the first time Stefan and I have ever flown to the US together, which is kind of amazing.


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it's so nice! I think we are going to visit 'The Melting Pot' a fondue restaurant while we're home - I can't wait!