Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kinder Fasching

Stefan and I attended Kinder Fasching at Constanze's apartment last night. It was funny to see everyone dressed up with some inventive costumes.

The children's theme was carried out through the entire party... they always serve pizza, have tons of games, prizes, and treat bags. Leave it to Stefan to ask them when they were going to have fondue.

The games were comical. One game we were given a hat, scarf, and gloves, along with a knife, fork and wrapped chocolate bar. Whomever rolled a 6 (or hearing Germans scream 'sechs' sounds more like 'sex') would have to quickly put on the outer garments and try to hack into the chocolate and eat as much as possible before someone else rolled a 6 and the cycle would repeat. I seemed to be continually getting 6's but after a few bites of chocolate I wasn't excited as I am sure the children get.

Another game entails these 'schaumküsse' whipped sugar with a chocolate covering that you must pick up and eat using only your mouth. I have heard of this game from Stefan's cousin's children. This is probably more for the entertainment of adults, but it's a typical German kiddie game.

They also had some games with an adult twist, including vodka shots with brause-pulver, a fizzy mix that makes an instant soda with water. Everyone loved the Waldmeister flavor, which I can't really describe.

We also played a balloon dancing game, which Stefan and I won and will receive breakfast at the Eisbach.

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