Monday, February 18, 2008


Today we decided to have a little touch of home by taking my family to the Hofbräuhaus, which is the first one in the US, across the river from Cincinnati. While no self respecting Münchener goes to the Hofbräuhaus, unless they have visitors who beg to go, we thought it would be a good preparation for their upcoming trip. They will at least see the influx of tourists when we head to Schuhbeck's eis salon, which is also in the Platz'l.

I ordered a radler and noticed that it was quite a bit sweeter than the radlers in Munich. If you're not sure what a radler is, it's a mix between beer and a lemony soda - they definitely taste better than they sound, especially in the summer.

We also had a Münchener Holzbrett - a variety of salmon + chive breads, pretzels with bier cheese, tomato + mozzarella, and various German meats and cheeses. The guys ordered their meat feasts, while the ladies stuck to potato based dishes.

The American take on German food is only slightly more tolerable (sorry, I don't love Bavarian food). American Hofbräuhaus is dead on in offering tomato + mozzarella, which is often my lunch in Munich - and it wasn't 'string cheese' style mozzarella.

For only $100 / year, you can also join the 'Stein Meister Klub', which gives the members a stein of their own that is housed under lock and key, happy hour prices any time, two free dinners, and if you attend all 12 of the monthly beer tapings you are able to be a judge in the pretzel girl competition.

We looked for the 'Stammtisch', or regular's table, however we didn't see one. It's usually decorated with a table cloth, sign, and bell, as well as the occasional old man. The few times I have been in Munich, I love seeing tourists sitting there when it's empty. It is to remain empty so the regulars are able to have their table whenever they arrive, so the tourists inadvertently stand out - but let's be serious... everyone there is a tourist anyway.

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