Sunday, February 17, 2008

Babies Man

Stefan and I had a fun filled weekend visiting friends and family. Whenever he comes to town, my cousins come out of the wood work wanting to hang out and spend time with us. My Grandma made an entire cake to celebrate us coming to town, and we had a house full of family to visit with, including my cousin's two week old baby.

I was surprised to see how eager Stefan was to get involved with all things children, especially tiny babies. My family is rather large, which is a contrast from his. There is always a lot of noise and constant motion, which can take some getting used to - even for me.

Stefan was was petting a dog and then asked if he needed to wash his hands before holding the newest addition - then he held him until we had to leave for a basketball game. Most men who aren't used to being around children aren't usually so antsy to hold them, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the kids love him.

At the basketball game we met up with my old roommate, her husband, and 9 month old. I was surprised to see how Claire wanted to be held by Stefan after just meeting him. She also enjoyed giving him kisses.

All of the babies were so well behaved that I think Stefan now has a skewed idea as to how easy they are to deal with. I guess he has that special touch. It's especially sweet to see my husband in a new light and have another reason to adore him. I think every woman melts seeing her husband have an interest and ease of interacting with little ones.

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