Tuesday, January 25, 2011

creative outlet

Nearly every time I feel as if I am finished going through travel photos I see something else and feel inspired.

I love paint, watercolor, and the juxtaposition when combined with photography. Without delving too deep into art and art history (which is my background) it's the dichotomy between photographers using light to 'paint' their images and with painters creating with nature that really fascinates me. They are such different mediums, but can be united in striking ways.

There are quite a few creative projects going on for me and many more brewing... these are a small sample of some of the things I've been working on.

Art is just so therapeutic. My Mom always said people need a creative outlet and I whole heartedly agree - especially when I can combine it with my loves: art, travel, and Stefan.


Cecilia Turner said...

The first one is amazing! Do you use photoshop to create this beautiful athousandandone effect?!
I have the same feeling when DIYing or drawing, it is so calming and soul nurturing.

Lauren said...

Emily-- These are gorgeous! You're so talented. I'm stealing the lanterns one as my new computer desktop image. :) Miss you!

Emily said...

Wow, Emily. These pictures are so wonderful. You should really consider a business. I'll be your first customer!

Emily said...


Yes - I used photo shop. I still appreciate getting out the real paints and papers though.

Maybe I should start an etsy shop or something small scale. They are a lot of fun to create and I certainly have an enormous backlog of images from exotic places.

JoernandAllison said...

You should so start an etsy shop! I would be one of your best customers :) I love that you are using your travel for creative inspiration, so very beautiful!

Emily said...

You're going to have an entire house to decorate, Allison! That is very exciting!! I bet you have a lot of beautiful travel photos to use, too. I'll let you know if I go the etsy route.