Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The new Williamsburg was said to be Berlin... is the new Berlin now Detroit?

All three places have been taken over by artists who find inspiration and enormous low rent studios for creativity. We all know what happens once the artists move in - it's not long before property starts to rebound.

(This video is a preview. The full video can be seen here.)

It's inspiring to see so many young people helping to revitalize this historical city that so many have considered hopeless. It definitely does appear that they are on to something... inner city farming, beautiful old architecture, proximity to the lake, and small mom + pop style shops as opposed to chains? Doesn't sound too bad!

Watching the video above is pretty inspiring. Phil Cooley, who is featured, has a point he says if he moves back to New York he has no say what happens in that city... in Detroit he can be part of the community and make a difference.

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