Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stranded Tourists

Since I interact a lot with tourists and the travel industry, I am always hearing stories about people stuck on their holiday - or seeing it for myself. It's probably fair to say many of those won't be visiting the city they are stuck in again anytime soon, if they are able to help it.

Yesterday, virtually my entire group complained about the hotels inflating their rates. One man was originally paying 125€ / night and they increased the prices to 300€ / night. It's not as if every hotel is overbooked since many vendors couldn't even get to the large builders exhibition.

I checked rates myself - right now a room at the Mandarin Oriental costs as much as, or even less than a Holiday Inn! That is ridiculous.

Truth be told I'm slightly sad I'm not trapped in Iceland. I love that place.

(How do you like the vintage Mount Vesuvius photos? It last erupted in 1944. I'm not sure when these photos are from)

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