Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Auer Dult

It's the time of year again... lots of kitschy tschotskes for sale amidst carney rides and German fair foods at Mariahilfplatz.

The vendors tend to be the same with many of Munich's antique shops being represented. I always appreciate the paper products - old maps, photos, and occasionally interesting books.

I spotted some chairs similar to the ultra Bavarian looking ones at the Alpentraum. With a couple layers of bright paint they could be modernized in no time. They were 65€ each or 4 for 200€... that is if you can resist the temptation to purchase that lovely antler chair next to it. I don't even know where someone would get inspiration to make that monstrosity.

I didn't leave empty handed though. I bought Josh + Mieka a couple of soft pretzel squeak toys. I'm really looking forward to visiting them in June!


Cait said...

OK, I'm sat here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, checking youur blog as I do and I'm jealous, I love Auer Dult!
In fact reading your blog reminds me of the good times in Munich, thanks, just stop making me jealous!

Emily said...

Maybe you'll make it this fall / for Oktoberfest! I'm pretty sure life is more exciting for you in Chiang Mai. We just have a lot of rain.

JoernandAllison said...

Wow, I am totally out of the loop! You're going home in June? Hooray!! You're right about the chairs you found, they would look so great with a little paint!
The Auer Dult looks like a lot of fun, way different from our Frühlingsfest. Maybe, one year, I can talk Joern into taking me!