Wednesday, March 24, 2010

antique photos

One of my guilty pleasures is riffling through boxes of old photos at the antique stores. I love photos, so I find it very hard to imagine how someone could part with these. Surely they have many stories and a history behind them. There are babies, weddings, parties, and my favorite - vacations.

Some are the historical scenes of the lives that cities once lived, while others are people. I admit, I am the creepy person that has photos of people I don't even know.

My favorites are the kids at the zoo or people wearing lederhosen, just because they are funny. I'm not entirely sure what I will do with them - perhaps display them or introduce them to the 21st century and make them digital so I can share them here.

My city collection now consists of:
the Vatican

I think about how far digital cameras have come and how precious these snap shots and limited film supplies once were.

Now someone's memories are having a second life and making me wonder about the experiences that made them worthy of being captured for posterity... even if posterity means a random American girl living in Munich.


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

Fun fun! I love them. You aren't a creeper! Well, maybe a little bit ;)

JoernandAllison said...

I love thinking about the stories that come with items. Never thought about old photographs from strangers, but also a fabulous thought. If you can find some from the time period of your new apartment, I'm sure they'd add to the character and charm of your Altbau :)

Lane said...

It's not creepy at all! I'm sure you find a way to display them that would make the original picture-takers proud!

Loddelina said...

Lovely photos, they would make nice prints on a T shirt or some other fabric (sorry, I've got only fabric on my mind).

I don't know why your posts are not appearing in my reader, luckily I have you on my most popular blogs list so I remember to click on Servus Munchen more often...

Emily said...

Thanks for the idea Loddelina... maybe I should send some to spoonflower and get them printed up!