Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rome: Day 4

The morning of our last day, while Stefan slept, I discovered why there was an enormous line of people on our way to the Maltese keyhole. We had passed the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church.

In their portico is 'La Bocca della Verità' or better known as 'The Mouth of Truth'. We had talked about it the day before, although we weren't certain where it was located. I couldn't believe we were right there. Not all was lost, we decided to head back to see it.

Stefan stopped for an espresso - using the tip to get it at Caffé Greco counter, like the Italians. I don't drink coffee, but he said it was wonderful.

On our way to 'The Mouth of Truth' we also had a pleasant surprise at the Circus Maximus. I assume it was some kind of club, but there were marching gladiators speaking Latin. On occasion they would start chanting 'Roma'. It was odd, but somehow fitting.

The costumes were very elaborate and interesting. Somehow they seemed less kitschy than the gladiators in front of the Colosseum that were trying to make a profit for pictures with tourists.

I didn't see too much graffiti around the city (mainly in the Jewish Ghetto area), which somehow surprised me. I guess people may realize leaving their mark isn't as substantial as the ancient ruins around the city.

It was difficult to leave, but the drizzly weather helped to make that easier. It's always fitting to have a spectacular trip that ends with rain on the day to go home. Even though it was only a long weekend, we really started to feel at home. We went to the grocery in the neighborhood and even began to find favorite places. I'm definitely looking forward to a trip back at some point. We even made it to throw our coins in the Trevi right before we left.

Once we arrived back to Munich and the longest winter ever, I was sad that my Italian pastas and confections would soon run out. That was until my classmate Julia, from Spain, told me about Mitte Meer, here in Munich. It's located in the Kunstpark (behind Ostbahnhof) and it's a Mediterranean grocery with a really nice array of wines, meats, cheeses, fish, and confections. We went together after class and now I'm hooked. They even have Pan di Stelle cookies and Manchego cheese - all year round!


Abby said...

I've loved reading about your trip and looking at your beautiful photos!

I need to visit Rome now! Maybe for my 30th birthday next January???

Emily said...

That's a wonderful idea! It's such a spectacular city and I really wish we had a week or so to explore. Besides the history, the food is insanely good.

JoernandAllison said...

Okay, I'm hooked. It really must have helped that the weather turned for your last day. This winter has brought a new meaning to the word miserable! It would have been SO much more difficult to leave a beautiful sunny Rome to come back to the 6 month long gray.
What a magical trip you had!!!
It is so exciting to find Mediterranean foods in Germany. I was honestly quite disappointed when I moved to Germany and found out that every grocery store wasn't full of foods from other countries.

Bluefish said...

Wow! I always wanted go to Italy but wasn't sure which city I must visit first. Maybe Roma would be a good idea.

Thanks for sharing.