Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mind the Gap

Our monthly trip marathon is slowly winding down. The month of May will be filled with studying and I will be going back to work. Fingers crossed (or in German - I'm holding my thumbs) that there are a fair amount of tourists this year.

But, oh yes, what about April?

We have decided to spend a very long Easter weekend in... London! It's been about six years since I was there - nearly being hit by cars as I looked the wrong way to cross the street, enjoying that accent, those pubs, and not having to speak another language.

On top of that, every time I think of London, I think of someone else I know that recently moved there - a couple of my sorority sisters, a few old friends, a few new friends, and of course the newest edition - Volker. No pressure on Volker, but I'm already sure he has turned the city upside down investigating every nook and cranny. After studying bioinformatics he's accustomed to learning the intricacies of everything, including the soul of even the largest cities.

My friend Cait suggested the London transport museum and the Tate, which sound fantastic. I should probably head back to the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone again and all of their Egyptian art, since we are fresh from Egypt.

Here are a few restaurants I wouldn't mind checking out:
freedbirds on exmouth market
daddy donkey
La Fromagerie

[edit: people seem to find this post by looking for Wa*haka the Mexican restaurant here in Munich, so I made a link for that as well]

Basically I am in dire need of delicious food (especially Mexican and cheeses), some new pants - since working out is paying off quicker than I expected, and a few new books.

Any other tips are gladly welcomed!!

I hope to see some of you if you're in town!


Jessica said...

oh yay! Sounds like you have a lot to do (and people to see) while you're here and I'm so with you on Mexican being a priority-any chance I get it's my food of choice!

Nan said...

Wahaca for Mexican food, but make a reservation! We showed up at 8:45 pm and the wait for a table for was still 2 hours.