Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Another German class came to an end. I really loved the class. Everyone put forth a lot of effort and came from such diverse backgrounds.

Cait made some delicious and beautiful 'fairy cakes' (cupcakes in American English). Sapir brought the kids that she is an au pair for. They entertained us and touched everything with their chocolified hands. It was pretty funny to watch them gorge on chocolates and cakes.

I brought my favorite candies from America called Take 5. They have chocolate, peanut butter, carmel, and pretzels in them. I also made some small Zwetschgendatschi (plum tarts) and pumpkin cookies.

During the course we had to give a presentation. Sapir gave hers on Israel, her homeland, and then Andrea asked if there was a good Israeli restaurant in Munich. Someone mentioned one called 'Cafe Schmock'. She looked surprised and then said that means penis in Hebrew. I don't know if it was an error in pronunciation or not. When she asked if anyone had any questions Ugur said, 'Wait a minute, I don't understand what 'schmock' means.'

These are the lost in translation moments that I love.

Our next class started on Monday and it's an even larger and more diverse group of people. At least most of the last class has continued so we are together.

I'm still trying to update as often as possible.


Melaina25 said...

Why oh why have I never heard of a Take 5? That sounds like awesomness covered in chocolate!

::Runs to see if the american candy store in London carried them::

Jelena and Mark said...

I loved my Dutch courses too and was sad when they were over.
Hope it helped with your German!

Ann said...

Hi, I'm a newbie reader of your blog, living in the Munich area. Are you taking an integration course? If you don't mind sharing, where are you taking it? I am trying to find a good school to go to. I've heard that some classes move way too slowly....

Also, I have the application form to submit to request permission to take the integration course. Do you know if I can just mail it in?

Sorry for all the questions. I am enjoying your blog so far. :)

Emily said...

You'll have a new obsession once you find them.

I, too, will be so sad when they are over. I've met such fun people through them.

I'm more than happy to help! It might be easier if you send me an email so I can answer more of your questions and give you more of my opinion on the language schools here. My email is munichbavaria@gmail.com

From my understanding you have to take your form to the dreaded KVR on Poccistraße.

JoernandAllison said...

You're certainly keeping busy with your language classes. It is always interesting when the class ends and everyone brings something special from home. The good news is that in a German class, people are from all over. My German teacher one time was from Hungary. Besides German, she taught Hungarian too. She said that when that class was over, it was such a drag, because all the students brought German cookies. No diversity!
I love your little story on the restaurant name :)
Hope the new course is going well!

Bluefish said...

I think those languages classes are fun 'cause you get to meet a lot of different people. I can't wait to start my Danish lessons!