Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cairo Plans

We are leaving for Cairo in less than 10 days, which is exciting and nerve wrecking.

We've been really fortunate, because my old roommate taught there for 2 years and her ex-boyfriend, Seif, is still there. He's been providing a lot of help and I'm already amazed by his gracious generosity. He gave us his phone number and offered to drop off an extra SIM card at our hotel. He's also planning evening activities for us!

We took his hotel suggestion and will stay at the Marriott Zamalek, which is on an island. The hotel is an old palace right on the Nile, and from the photos we've seen it looks pretty striking. I'm already really excited about all of the beautiful little details.

Evidently the island is also home to many of the consulates and ex-pats as well, so we won't stick out like sore thumbs, at least as much.

We're still trying to decide which guide to go with when Seif is working. I read about an American woman who owns a company there, but her prices are really steep - she quoted us over 500€ for two days! That's especially heavy when I know the cost of living isn't nearly so high. We've also had offers for less than half that from an Egyptologist, including virtually the same itinerary.

This is going to be a very fascinating and interesting trip! We have quite the adventure ahead of us.

As always, any suggestions or other recommendations are always welcome!

(photos: trip advisor)

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Bluefish said...

I can't wait to see the photos of the pyramids and Sphinx! Have a great trip.