Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift guide: Him + Her

1. wallee ipad wall mount - for hands free viewing, as a picture frame, TV, or out of the way cookbook
2. duluth canvas backpack - for a quiet weekend away
3. PB Swiss Tools hex key wrench set - form meets function for the handyman
4. swiss measuring spoons - bringing it back to the boy scout days
5. beer tasting glass set - prepared for any beer that comes his/her way
6. lytro camera - tiny and practical for focused photos every time
7. ice ball mould - stylishly chilled cocktails with ice that melts more slowly
8. personalized air mail stationery - for love letters and other correspondences
9. Fjallrave Kanken bag - perfect for a picnic, day trip, or city exploring
10. holga iphone lens kit - creativity at your fingertips
11. macbook pocket mirror - a comical solution to the compact
12. silver Hendrikka Waage earrings - another reason to fall in love with iceland 

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