Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gift guide: Children + Pets

1. Kid O cutting fruit - it's never too early for good eating habits and training a sous chef.
2. likeabike - learning to ride a bike and balance
3. Alphabet magnatab - letter learning and penmanship
4. iwood / first laptop - creativity over technology
5. log pillow - for indoor camping and those that love nature
6. eames elephants - whimsical and beautiful elephant benches
7. giant ice cream lamp - who doesn't love ice cream?
8. green toys sandwich shop - for foodies in the making
9. pocked microscope - take a closer look at the world
10. sound effects machine - 20 sound effects for comedic situations
11. dogface army man toy - childhood favorite for dogs
12. wire + dine bowls - minimal and various heights for dogs of all sizes
13. you bake `em cat treats - for feline friends
14. dudley the dog - balloon shaped dog toy
15. laser cat toy - entertainment for hours

More pet sites:
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