Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift guide: Cooking

1. Belkin Kitchen stand & wand for tablets - makes digital recipes easy to view even with messy hands.
2. Wesco Grandy bread box - keeps bread fresh and has a great retro design. We have this and love it. 
3. Bew Kitchen Mat - multipurpose mat for drying dishes or keeping bowls from sliding while mixing.
4. Crate & Barrel cheese and cracker server - an excellent way to display and serve. 
5. Weck canning jars - for storing, canning, or baking. 
6. Ring molds - make a variety of cakes at once.
7. Schnaps decanter - a great hostess gift 
8. Triple slow cooker - for entertaining or a variety of meals 
9. Sous Vide water cooker - home cooking with gourmet results
10. Thermapen - temperature precision for grilling and pastries
11. Adjustable rolling pin - great for pastries and pizza for uniform baking. 
12. Table top pizza oven - fun for entertaining and crisp crust pizza.

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