Monday, April 25, 2011

Rosemary Ginger Lemonade

One of my very favorite restaurants in all of Munich is Daylesford Organic. The food is fresh, seasonal, and organic. I also believe they have the best chocolate cake in the city.

Nearly every time I visit I get the Rosemary Ginger Lemonade. It's spectacular.

Here's how I make it at home: It's easy to use fresh ginger since the blender takes care of it and sieving it removes the fibery bits or stop by the Asian grocery for some in a jar that is great to have on hand for cooking and baking, too.

The restaurant doubles as a shop with various spices, sauces, wines, and seasonal products. Additionally they have rosemary scented cleaning products, which are biodegradable and make my kitchen smell lovely.


cliff1976 said...

This sounds yummy -- I am complete sucker for all things gingery. And thanks for the reminder to use my agave syrup!

What goes into lemon-flavored sparkling water? Is that something I can replicate at home? We fizz our own water with a SodaStream™ Sprudeler and I wonder if fizzy lemon-flavored water can be replicated with the juice of a few extra lemons squished into a liter of home-fizzed water.

Emily said...

I typically add a couple extra lemons instead buying lemon-water. You might have to add a touch more syrup if you'd prefer it to be slightly sweet as opposed to tart.

Instead of mixing the sparkling water immediately I usually keep the mix in the fridge and add it as needed.

It's super refreshing!