Tuesday, April 5, 2011


These Lindt chocolate displays always make me happy to see all of those metallic bunnies in a row. This year I've even seen white and dark chocolate available.


Loddelina said...

Great picture, Emily,
I have already stocked up on bags of tiny Lindt bunnies for my kids Easter egg hunt - last year the shops ran out and they only had the large ones left, way too big for little mouths (although little tummies somehow manage to eat enormous amounts of chocolate each year..)

Enjoy your Easter, greetings from France!

Emily said...

So sweet! I bet the holidays are more fun with little ones around. At least they have good taste!

Enjoy your Easter, too!!

JoernandAllison said...

I always giggle a little that Easter is more of a food holiday here than at home sometimes. That display of Lindt bunnies is surely impressive. How can all those bunnies not make you smile? :) They are also a sure sign of spring!

Emily said...

Allison - Don't they remind you of your sweet little rabbit? I think you need to get another one!