Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here's to hoping you are one of the lucky few to get reservations this year - or next...

elBulli is going to close for 2012 + 2013!

We've submitted for any opening they have this year, so we are crossing our fingers / holding our thumbs (the German equivalent). I could certainly handle another trip to Spain and some amazing food at the #1 restaurant in the world! (Only 8,000 of the 1 million requests are granted reservations).

We also visited Gordon Ramsey's Maze in London whose head chef previously worked at elBulli... another outstanding meal.

I'll try to write soon about yet another molecular restaurant we visited during our travels. I have plenty to write about that!

To read more about molecular cooking check out the course we took here in Munich.


Trissa said...

I was lucky enough to get a reservation at El Bulli last year but unlucky enough not to go as we were worried about spending so much for a trip to Spain in the middle of the financial crisis! But I did get to try Maze and I think Jason Atherton is aMAZEing. He took us to see the kitchen to watch what they were doing. Fantastic experience I will never forget.

Emily said...

I can only imagine how you felt - those reservations are seriously hard to come by.

At least you did get to go to Maze - I totally agree the food there is great and worth the trip alone.