Thursday, January 14, 2010

Message Cookies

Remember my adorable cookies for my brother in law Uli's birthday?

It looks like Williams Sonoma now has a similar cookie cutter set that allows you to personalize your cookies, so they are now available stateside! I saw them in the stores, although it says they are unavailable online right now.

Evidently they also had a Christmas set. The only advantage to the German press is that it comes with a small stamp, so you can imprint any cut out as opposed to needing to be used with special cookie cutters to hold the ultra tiny letters.

If you stop by the store, you might want to check if they have my other favorites for animal crackers, which again I saw in stores but not online.

I just love them both!

As for a cooking tip - chill the dough before cutting it, so the letters / animals retain their shape.

(images Williams Sonoma)


Aisling said...

Those are adorable!

Ashley said...

I just wanted to tell you I love your blog! I am a fellow midwesterner who also lived in Germany (its been years now). I was about 30 minutes south of Munich in a town called Rosenheim. Reading your blog is like going back for a few minutes.

Emily said...

You might have more luck finding the German ones in Ireland... let me know if you need me to send some!

Thanks so much. I pass through Rosenheim quite often on my way to Salzburg. I should check out some of your favorite spots there so it's not always merely a stop on the train.