Monday, April 23, 2007


This weekend has quickly passed.

Friday Stefan and I went out in the Glockenbochviertle with some of his co-workers. There were various departments there and some of the others didn't know Stefan was married. I was the mysterious one. That is typical of how things go here - people don't really mix much of work and their home life. We had a nice time, however we quickly learned that we are turning into old people because we were home before midnight.

I spent much of Saturday working in the morning for the tour guide company and in the afternoon with my adorable little Greek children. While working in the office for the tour guide company one of my favorite local characters waved and shouted over to me asking 'How is the Queen today?' and then came and chatted with me. He is a waiter at the Hacker-Pschorr restaurant/bar in Schrannenhalle. He is a little bit of an eccentric gay guy with tons of energy and a definite passion for life.

There was an artisan fair at the Schrannenhalle and he was telling everyone that they had a gay king (Ludwig II) and asking if they had known that. Then he was telling me how he 'sells things but only things that people need and he never cheats them.' Then he proceded to try to drum up business with Germans walking through trying to get them to go on English speaking tours. After telling me he never cheats people he said 'God is always watching' and then made this face like he was a little bit worried. I love his theatrics.

Another funny thing is another shop owner at Schrannenhalle has a dog that goes on walks on his own. He walks up to the automatic door, which sometimes he is unable to trigger and he then sits and patiently waits. He goes on a walk around the building and then comes back in or waits for someone to open the door.

This week will be very relaxed and I am looking forward to that.

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