Thursday, April 19, 2007

Asparagus Season

Germany loves asparagus. Green, white, white with violet tips, baby, thin, fat, it doesn't matter - they love it (they even have asparagus soup). Since Stefan has had a long week and continually comes home late, and then continues to work from home once he is here, I decided that I would attempt to prepare one of his favorite dishes tonight.

I first was curious as to what kind of asparagus to buy. When in doubt... watch what everyone else is doing. I watched people flock to the 'fresh' variety and some handed it to a man with this monstrous peeling machinery, while others simply put it in their bags and continued shopping. After attempting to look like I know what I was doing and maticulously searching for what I considered to be good looking asparagus, I headed to the produce department.

While I was there I saw a woman who had done the same and then she saw what they had in the produce and headed back to the man with the machine. She continued to sort through the asparagus and then purchased more. The only conclusion I could make was that the asparagus from the man was much better, or she simply decided it was too great of a deal to pass up. His variety was also thicker.

After realizing that I really don't even know how to properly prepare asparagus I walked home and called Stefan. Since he loves it, I figured he would know how to cook it. The variety I bought I have never seen before and it is enormous. I am curious how much he really loves it because I bought what I consider to be a lot (of the 'tree kind' he calls it). I am still wondering why I did not just buy something that looked familiar to me instead of this strange variety. Lucky for you, I also am into food photography so you can see the 'tree asparagus' for yourself.

So, depending on when he comes home tonight, I am going to make steamed white asparagus with a lasagna noodle 5 herb ricotta and my Mom's delicious 'rustic plum tart'. Usually I don't make so much food, however the last time I made any kind of food was this past weekend. Plus I figure I will always eat the plum tart for breakfast.

I also need to write about one of my favorite recent purchases... my little grocery basket. A lot of people here have these and I always thought they were so practical (since of course we don't do free bags typically). Environmental, cute, and practical... so I had to get one. I am also looking forward to packing it up to take to the park on weekends, packed up with lunch, books, a blanket and Stefan's favorite - a ball to play catch.

If only the weekend was already here...

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