Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Something a little new...

I decided to try this blog thing out so I would be able to attach photos and have the history of things all together and in one place.

Today I went out to the park and shopped around a little bit. We are having the most spectacular weather you could imagine. It is so nice to just sit in the park and read a book or people watch. I love walking around the city and seeing how many people are out and about. Sometimes I wonder what all of these people are doing mid-afternoon... don't people work here? Regardless, it is nice to get a quick sandwich at a little bakery and then set out on the town walking around and taking it all in. I also just found out that the English Garden (the park we frequent) is actually the world's largest public park! Stefan was determind to do a little bit of research on that because he is running another half marathon there. He was sure it was larger than NYC's Central Park.

There are many young ready to burst Mom's, and vibrant flowers blooming left and right to definitely signify that spring is indeed here. I must have flowers in my blood since my grandparents owned a greenhouse. When Stefan and I lived in Frankfurt I would constantly go to the park and photograph all of the flowers... it is no exception in Munich either. The colors are extraordinary and they are all just so beautiful. Just so you get a taste of the parks I am talking about, here a few photos:

With spring is my other favorite - ice cream. I stopped at my favorite ice cream shop - Shubecks, that has a great variety and tons of intresting combinations that I always try... today was no different. I ordered a chili chocolate scoop along with a scoop of litchi with pistachio and pepper. They were both better than you would expect. I'm always trying the obscure flavors.

I am also working on cleaning up our photos - we just got our mac computer a little over a month ago and I already have 2500+ photos on it. I have so many little projects that I am working on, not to mention books to read, and lessons for my English classes to prepare. Alas, I always have time to journal and take photos! I gotta make the most of my early European retirement.

One more photo from my day... and another reason as to why I love Munich - the dogs. Dallmayr is our 'high end' grocery with tons of exquisite gourmet foods. This little pup was waiting so patiently outside (this is a common occurence as one of the few places dogs cannot go is into the grocery), yet it never grows old seeing that loyalty!

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