Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marvis Toothpaste

There's something fun about picking up useful things on our trips. I love to explore the grocery and drug stores whenever we are somewhere new.

I also enjoy offbeat twists on the expected... different products from familiar brands or unexpected flavors that aren't typical where we live. 

This Italian toothpaste from Marvis is one such find. It's fresh, not overly sweet, and combines great flavors with a slightly minty finish and beautiful packaging. 

I picked up the Ginger Mint and Jasmine Mint (which is my favorite).

If you don't make it to Italy, but live in Munich, you can find it at Die Zahnbürste on Frauenstraße.  

It's also available in Florence at the following locations:
Penga - via dello Studio 8
Farmacia Molteni - Via dei Calzaiuoli 7R 

1 comment:

juicylicious said...

Oh I love going to overseas drugstores haha. Funny as it is I always bought toothpaste too in different flavour and packaging in the countries that I travelled :)
I got the Marvis jasmine when I traveled to Paris early October! <3