Thursday, February 10, 2011


Since I've been cooking up a storm recently I wanted to reorganize my spices so they weren't taking up so much space and so they would be more uniform.

I first saw this idea on delicious days, however I modified it to suit our needs - changing up the colors of the labels so I could categorize differently and typing up each spice's name in both German and English.

These are the spice tins. They are perfect, because they are light safe, air tight, have screw on lids, and you can put expiration dates on the bottom. Now I can just grab the ones I need for my recipes and get cooking.

I ordered 60, so I can always create my own mixes or have a home for the new things I pick up in far away cities. We bought loads of Moroccan spices while we were in Marrakech, and now they are perfectly nestled in my drawer with my kitchen scale and the rest of my collection.


Lise Johnston said...

Cute idea. How can you do so much cooking in a tiny German kitchen?

Emily said...

Good question! Let's just say I'm very happy we have a dishwasher and that we got our kitchen redone when we moved in.

JoernandAllison said...

Thanks for posting this! We are totally overloaded with our spices here, and I am dying to revamp our spice system. I may be taking inspiration from you with your spice organization systemm :) It is so fun to travel and pick up spices along the way, but they can become a bear to deal with at home!

And in response to your other commenter- you would be surprised just how much cooking you actually can accomplish in a tiny German kitchen :)

Cait said...

OK, logistics?!! Love the idea, but can you fit a normal jar of spices in those tins? Basically what size are the tins?
And what's your secret colour codes?!
Hope you're well
Cait x

Emily said...

The normal small jars that you buy at the grocery fit them perfectly. They fit about 40-50 grams of cinnamon for a comparison.

The tins are 6.5cm (2.5 inches) in diameter and 3.5cm (1.5 inches) in depth.

My codes are:
red = common / everyday
pink = baking
orange = 'exotic' / Asian
green = herbs
blue = mixes

Let me know if you'd like me to send you my files with or without German.