Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lady Bavaria

We've had friends visiting so it was great excuse to get out and do some touristy things. It's always embarrassing to not have visited a variety of places around the city, especially because I love to find little hidden places.

I've really wanted to visit 'Lady Bavaria' a lookout point at Theresienwiese (the Oktoberfest grounds). It was really the perfect time, because there is a great view over the tents that are being built for the end all be all of festivals.

This is even the 200th year for Oktoberfest, so it will be more of a celebration than ever. I'm really looking forward to seeing the unique touches this year, including the 25 meter tower by the Augustiner tent that hasn't been built since WWII.

The Oktoberfest grounds are technically closed, however there were a lot of people strolling through and security walking around who didn't seem to mind that we were there.

It also probably helps that it was during the weekend, so we weren't interfering with the workers. I love seeing the process, especially when you consider these 'tents' are really much more structurally sound.

It's pretty incredible to think they are built and taken down each and every year.

Oktoberfest starts 18 September, so it will be here in just a little over a month!

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Conrad Bladey (Peasant) said...

Great photos I have never seen it under construction.
For learning Oktoberfest songs see my Oktoberfest Songbook.