Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gift guide: Travel

Since we are currently half way into our trip around the world - somewhere in Asia (most likely Tokyo), travel related items have been very necessary for us for the past few months.

These are a few products that I found while searching, planning, and packing.

1. Light my Fire spork - I love these and have one in virtually every bag that I own. Visiting the grocery in a foreign country is always interesting, especially when you recognize the brands and not the products. This is every utensil in one, so you can buy things along the way and always have the immediate chance to sample them. (image light my fire)

2. Monster pod - a tripod that can even cling to the sides of buildings. I have to admit it makes me a little nervous, but reviewers claim they don't have problems with it. (image monster pod)

3. I heart my city - A playful take on the 'I love NY' shirts. I appreciate that you can love whatever city you are in - and it makes a fun conversation piece. (image forever 21)

4. Travel Scale - If you've ever overpacked and had to unpack at the airport or pay a ton of money this is a very good tool to have. Plus, it's small enough to pack along. (image Kikkerland)

5. States United print - A great homage to my homeland. (image Beauchamping etsy)

6. panorama perfect - This takes the guess work out of making sure your panorama images line up properly. (image photo jojo)

7. World clock - Spend time day dreaming about what you could be doing in a far away land, or make keeping in touch with family and friends a bit easier. They will thank you when you aren't calling them in the middle of the night. (image zero per zero - online shop is link on the bottom left)

8. Lens pen - This is very portable for photographers who want to keep their lenses dust free for spotless images. (image spoon sisters)

9. Trinvo talking translator - I wish that we had bought this before we left, because my Mandarin hasn't really improved too much. We definitely need this on our next trip through Asia. (image trinvo)

10. Mili universal charger - charges 2 devices at once and is compact, sleek, and very practical for international trips. (image Beam Box Mili)

11. Pitotubes - These were created by a flight attendant to make packing liquids and complying with safety rules easier for travelers. They are very sturdy and refillable. (image wishingfish)

12. Spy lens - Since people are often more at ease than when a camera is pointed directly in their face it's easy to catch candid photos along the way. (image photo jojo)

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