Monday, November 16, 2009

Gift guide: For a cause

1. Oregon Scientific +ECO clima control - a solar powered weather station for those who want to play meteorologist - and probably with better results. (image oregon scientific)

2. Battery Wizard - recharge your batteries - even those that aren't meant to be recharged. (image gizoo)

3. Darfur relief beads - Handmade beads that help sustain life for refugees. (image relief beads)

4. cuddly rabbit - a nice cuddly toy that doubles as a warming device. (image Volker Senger / branch home)

5. recycled wreath - A simplistic way to display holiday spirit with a touch of 'being green'. (image uncommon goods)

6. recycled sundial - You can feel a little better about your coffee habits after you purchase this sundial made from coffee cups. (image ecocentric)

7. Reader's Digest homemade - an interesting book that helps you to create homemade solutions for cleaning naturally or creating fresh products you would typically buy. (image Reader's Digest / amazon)

8. easy bloom - For those that have always wanted a green thumb, but need a bit of help. It will tell you what thrives best where you want to plant and includes a plant doctor assistant when you upload data. (image easy bloom)

9. hanging chair - a beautiful flat folding swing for two to get back to nature. (image ecocentric)

10. yoyo ceramics - a reusable solution for list makers and those that are always jotting notes. (image yoyo ceramics)

11. eco artwear wreath - A recycled wreath that can be used season after season. (image Boris Bally / eco artwear)

12. pet alert animal rescue - Window decals to let emergency help know that animals live in your home. (image animal rescue site)

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