Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is it Thursday yet?

We are already anxiously anticipating our trip to Barcelona. I cannot wait to see this visual feast of Gaudi architecture by the modern great! So far the forecast looks pleasant, and simply being able to visit a beach will make the summer complete!

I must also say it is very nice that I am officially finished teaching my Greek kids. I did feel a little bit guilty telling them I would not be able to teach in the fall, however I have insurance to (gladly) blame for that. Since I have been working so frequently there are issues if I want to stay on Stefan's insurance... otherwise I can basically work to pay insurance. German buerocracy still thrives!

We found out that Bernd will also be in Barcelona, so we will get to see him. It's amazing that we will see each other in Barcelona and in the states in September, yet he currently lives in Bonn and we have only seen him a couple times this entire year! I am going to be searching for restaurants to make reservations for some great tapas one evening while we are out!

Despite being finished teaching English I have kept really quite busy working with the tour guide company. It has been a fascinating experience learning about running a business without having to do so myself... or I should say doing so without being the one that has to worry too much about the success of it.

I also can't seem to take enough photos. Stefan makes fun of me for always photographing our food before we eat. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Our friend Anja is a food photographer here in Munich... I may have found my calling!

I especially love all of my David Hockney style collage / panorama photos. I'll be making many more of those on our upcoming trips.

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