Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Around the World trip updates

A long while ago, longer than I care to admit, we took a 4 month trip around the world.

Life got in the way and I never finished writing about the rest of our trip. I've had several emails about it (apologies!) and I'm working on getting it all up to date, which honestly is no small feat. I know there are worse problems to have.

Here are places we visited that I have written about:
New Delhi JaipurAgraKathmanduBangkok • 

The remaining places I will be writing about include:
Beijing • Tokyo • Kyoto • Hiroshima • Miyajima • 
New Zealand's North Island + White Island • Cook Islands' Aitutaki

Oahu • San Francisco • California's Pacific Coast Highway 1 • Los Angeles • 
Las Vegas • Bryce Canyon • Antelope Canyon • The 4 Corners Monument
Albuquerque • White Sands • El Paso • New York City • 
Savannah • Hilton Head Island • Charleston

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