Sunday, June 10, 2007


We woke up early on Saturday morning for a drive down to Liechtenstein. The drive was nice and not too long (2.5 hours) and before we knew it we were there! It is the cutest little place tucked between Switzerland and Austria with lots of mountains to surround it. I had read a lot online and saw something about the Prince’s vineyard, which we immediately saw as we entered Vaduz. It was one of the most picturesque places I have seen in a long time.

Stefan felt underdressed to do some tasting, but we bought some wine since it is only available there and is rarely exported since so little of it is made. We then walked through the vineyard and took a lot of pictures. That was a great introduction to little Liechtenstein.

We headed to our hotel, which was not quite ready for us so we then went back downtown for the quintessential passport stamp and some postcards to send off. The town square was filled with Asian tour groups and quite a few tourists. We appreciated the views and then went back to our hotel for a quick nap. After that we walked by the Swarovski headquarters and a soccer match... we joked as we saw a bumper sticker touting it was from the 'Liechtenstein National Team'. We figured virtually everyone who played was on the national team.

On our drive back home we stopped once again at the always loveable Affenberg. The monkeys were just as interesting and fun as the first time we went. I was very prepared for many photos. Who can get tired of feeding monkeys popcorn?

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